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Padma & Hari Harilela Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Hong Yi Hostel –Hostel for Severely Physically Handicapped Persons


“Hong Yi House”
    - Male 12 persons
‧“Hong Yi Court”
    – Female 13 persons


  • Aged 15 or above Severely physically handicapped people
  • Mentally and emotionally stable with no active infectious disease and severe disturbing behaviour
  • Capable of bowel and bladder control
  • Actively occupied in or being arranged for admission to day placement usually in a sheltered workshop

Special Features

1) As service users have limited abilities for independent living, the Service works hard to maintain and, wherever possible, improve their abilities in self-care and independence.

2) The Centre would provide appropriate training with the consideration of the constraints experienced by service users, in order that their basic everyday living skills could be maintained.

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3) Apart from taking caring of service users, the Hostel would also keep in close contact with the Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre in our Centre in which service users receive vocational training.


4) In order to cater service users’ needs, the Hostel provides therapies and auxiliary aids to them, and have the hostel equiped with modified facilities, for the purposes of preventing rapid deterioration in their functioning as well as strengthening their abilities in independent living and self-care. With these, the service users would have their their quality of life improved, and it is easier for them to integrate into the community.

治療訓練 使用輔助工具進行治療訓練

5) It is important to assist service users with severe physically disabilities to develop hobbies. Although many of them have their limbs impaired in dexterity, many of them show special talents. The Centre will endeavour to enrich their daily lives by uncovering their potentials through different activities and showcasing their talents, through which they could gain a sense of achievement. The activities the service users has participated include making handicrafts, painting,drawing, weaving, wheelchair dancing and so on.


6) Our service users concern much about theoutside world. Some of them like to set up their own cyberspace, which they can use as a communication channel with families and friends. The Centre also encourages service users to write their own blogs to express their inner worlds, toair their personal views as well as to share their experiences with other people,, which are important for personal development.


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