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Padma & Hari Harilela Integrated Rehabilitation Centre
Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration


Recruiting Volunteers to stage Different Activities

The Centre welcomes applications from members of the local community, family members of our service users, or members of the Centre to work as our volunteers, helping to stage various activities such as caring action home visit, performance shows, celebration parties, travel tours, visiting tour, special interest classes, and so on; thus experiencing the essence of “the joy of helping others” through the volunteer activities.

Buddies Club” Activity
The volunteer team ”Buddies Club” would conduct a series activity relating to different culture for mentally handicapped persons
The Centre would regularly stage different visitation activities for service users, such as visit by volunteer pet vet, to allow service users to gain wider experience.

The “Buddies Club” is a volunteer group belonging to the Po Leung Kuk Rehabilitation Service. We welcome persons aged 15 or above or any organisation or group who is interested in volunteer service in our agency to apply to register as volunteer.
Volunteer Registration

Please contact our staff at 39809688 or email([email protected]).

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