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Padma & Hari Harilela Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Hong Yi Day Care Service for Persons with Severe Disabilities-Day Care Service for Persons with Severe Disabilities

Service Objectives

  • Relieve pressure on the families and carers for the severely disabled;
  • Enhance the opportunities for the severely disabled to live in the local residential community and to develop interpersonal skills.


7 persons


  •  Persons with severe intellectual disability or severe physical disability aged 15 to 59
  •  No infectious disease
  •  No serious aggressive behaviours that cause self-harm or injury to others

Service Modes

  • Nursing and personal care services;
  • Rehabilitation and healthcare services with therapy and training to maintain basic living skills;
  • Regularly organise social and recreational activities to enhance the services user to develop pleasure in their everyday living , and to maintain contact with the local community.

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 9:00am ~ 5:00pm

Service Charge

  • $988 per month (including lunch);
  • $55 per day (including lunch);
  • Transport shuttle service: $174 per month.
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