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Padma & Hari Harilela Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Hong Ching Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre-Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

Service Objectives

  • Offer “one-stop” vocational rehabilitation service to allow service users to receive work skills training;
  • Develop interpersonal skills and work potentials;
  • Preparing for subsequent entry into the employment market.

Service Capacity

160 persons


  • Aged 15 or above
  • Mildly mentally handicapped persons, convalescent psychiatric patients or physically handicapped persons with mastery of self-care skills
  • Individuals in need of vocational training or support to take up open employment

Service Hours

  • Mon to Fri 9:00am ~ 5:00pm
  • Sat 9:00am ~ 1:00pm
  • Closed during Sunday and Public holidays

Scope of Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service

  • Sheltered Workshop: Provide diversified training and activities for service users to enable them to give play to their potentials.
  • Supported Employment Service:Job skills training ,Job interview training,Job matching and referrals and on-the-job training.

Processing and Packaging

Po Leung Flea Market




Sheltered Workshop

Provide diversified training and activities for service users to enable them to give play to their potentials; the training contents include:

Processing and Packaging

  • Operating on a vocational rehabilitation service model complete with production line and work team;
  • Enabling the service users to learn different product processing techniques.

Hong Ching Arts (Handicraft Arts Skill Training)

  • Uncovering a more diversified range of arts and crafts skills for the service users ;
  • Give the service users sufficient space for expression through the training programme.

Garden Court(Gardening training)

  • This routine gardening training helps service users to develop their interests in horticulture whilst improving their concentration and patience.


  • Teaching sewing skills to service users . For example, teaching the service users how to use the label printing machine to make brand labels and then sew them onto the garment.


  • Providing an opportunity for service users to operate a retail kiosk, so that they may later move on to formal employment in the open market.

Beauty-Care and Hairdressing Training

  • A quality beauty-care and hairdressing training platform;
  • Service users will gain sufficient practical experience.

Logistics and Transport Training

  • The Centre operates a logistics and transport service to ensure service users’ training can reach the standard required by the market whilst also gaining practical work experience.

Laundry Service Training

  • Offering a full range of laundry service training, which includes skills for doing laundry, drying and ironing, to allow the service users to develop practical experience during training.

Beauty-Care and Hairdressing Service

                   Logistics Service

Laundry Service 

Manicure Service

      Gardening training

Auto Grooming Training

  • This is a “one-stop” auto grooming course teaching basic auto grooming skills to service users.

Outreach Cleaning Service Training

  • This is operated as a commercial business specifically serving the market for secondary schools, primary schools, special schools, clinics and government departments, allowing the service users to learn the skills to perform cleaning work.

Supported Employment Service

  • Job matching and referrals, follow-up after starting employment, vocational guidance, occupational analysis, on-the-job training, and supervisory service.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Extended Service


  • Service users  of  Hong Ching Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre


  • 10 persons

Service Description

  • Providing extended service and respite service for service users so that their families and carers can attend to personal or urgent matters.

Service Hours

  • Mon to Fri (5:00pm ~ 8:30pm)
  • Sat (1:00pm ~ 8:30pm)
  • Closed during Sunday and Public holidays


  • $5.1 per hour
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