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Padma & Hari Harilela Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Hong Yat Arts Exhibition Workshop

To cultivate an interest of service users of Long Stay Care Home(Hong Yat House),and by virtue of the process of making handicrafts, and play to their creativity and ability to enhance their self-confidence, products including: Roll painting greeting cards, Hand-made telephone handbags, cross-stitch pillow cases, hair accessories, crystal flowers and hand-woven scarves.


Handicraft products can be used as Sales Exhibitions, the income will use for operating costs of the workshop, and will be subsidized the service users who participate in activities such as buffets, so as to enrich their lives and increase self-identity.


If you are interested in ordering our arts handicraft products, please contact the staffs of Hong Yat Arts Exhibition Workshop by calling 3980-9688.

Hand-made telephone handbags

Roll painting greeting cards

Cross-stitch pillow cases

Leather Card Holder / wallet / phone


Crystal flowers(Rose/Sun flower) 

Hand-woven scarves



Special Event