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Padma & Hari Harilela Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Ching Choi Hostel - Supported Hostel


Service Capacity: 63 

       • “Ching Choi House”
         – Male  33 persons

       • “Ching Choi Court” 
         – Female 30 persons


  • Aged 15 or above Mildly mentally handicapped People
  • Physically and mentally suitable for group living
  • Capable of semi-independent living and self-care skill, but may need a fair amount of assistance or guidance in some domestic tasks like cooking or washing, etc., or in community living activities like shopping
  • Actively occupied in various forms of employment or day training
  • Physically healthy with no active infectious disease or drug/alcoholic abuse

Special Features

  • The aim of the Service is to provide family-like accommodation service to service users who are able live a semi-independent life.
  • In addition to providing hostel accommodation and meal services, our staff would also design individual training and guidance programmes for each service user for them to learn living skills.
  • As social and recreational needs are also important aspects in our everyday life, the Hostel would organise various learning courses and outing trips for service users in their leisure time that would facilitate integration into the community.


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