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Padma & Hari Harilela Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Hong Yat Hostel - Long Stay Care Home



Service Capacity: 100

  • “Hong Yat House”

        – Male 50 persons

  • “Hong Yat Court”

        – Female 50 persons


  • Aged 15 or above Chronic mental patients
  • In stable or controlled medical and mental condition
  • Requiring no active medical treatment or nursing care but requiring long-term residential service
  • Free from assessed disposition to violence within 5 years and infectious disease, alcohol or drug
  • Recommended by a pre-discharge case conference of the hospital concerned

Special Features

  • Care services provided by a professional team of social workers, qualified nurses, trainers, and nursing assistants, offering support and encouragement to service users, and assist them to regain living skills for reintegration into the community.
  • Mentally incapicitated persons need acceptance and care.For this reason, assisting them to develop their potentials and to regain confidence for is our mission.
  • We hope to provide a safe and comfortable environment in the Hostel, creating a home-like and cozy setting.
  • This Hostel is an interim service that allows service users to reintegrate into the community. Kwai Chung Hospital provides continuous support to the service users by means of sending visiting doctors to the Centre to have regular discussions on individual cases. Besides, the Centre also supports the services users with the provision of counselling services, behavioural management, job training programmes, nursing care, formulation of nursing care plans and so on.
  • According to the service users’ personal preferences and abilities, staff in the Hostel would arrange different activities for them, including healthcare seminars, routine household activity training, self-care training, and personalised “vocational training” (Recycling Pioneer, Hong Yat Workshop, Hong Yat Garden, Arts and Crafts Workshop, Interpersonal Skills Training, etc.)
  • Learning courses are organised to enable the service users to develop hobbies and make good use of leisure time, and to enhance their physical development and personal growth by activities like sports, calligraphy, dancing, gardening, drawing and painting and so on.
  • Organising excursion trips regularly to help the service users to reintegrate into the community through such activities as “knowing the local community”, “outdoor activities”, outings in each quarter and so on.
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