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Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities

Programme goal /purpose  

  • Provide subsidy to the employers of person with disabilities for procurement of assistive devices and/or modification works, aims at facilitating employees with disabilities to discharge their duties at the workplace and enhancing their efficiency, increase their working opportunities.

Scope of service/Objectives  

  • To carry out territory-wide promotion of the SPED
  • To encourage employers to procure assistive devices and/or carry out workplace modifications, with a view to facilitating their employees with disabilities to discharge their duties and enhancing their work efficiency;
  • To assist employers to apply for subsidies under the SPED;
  • To conduct assessment on individual applications and prepare reports for consideration by the Assessment Committee;
  • To enhance public understanding of the potentials and abilities of persons with disabilities.

Subsidy and scope of support  

  • A wide range of assistive devices and workplace modifications which caters for the special needs of employees with disabilities at the workplaces may be supported.
  • Examples include but are not limited to accessories or adaptive equipment for computer, optical magnifying device, hearing and assistive devices, Braille production/display, handrails, etc.
  • The subsidy is one-off in nature
  • The subsidy is basically capped at a maximum support level of $20,000 for each employee with disabilities;
  • The Committee may consider supporting a grant up to $40,000 for deserving cases for which the price of a single item of assistive device and its essential accessories being applied for has exceeded $20,000.

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