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Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities


Que.1: Can I apply SPED?

Ans. 1: Applicants under the SPED must be employers of persons with disabilities. Self-employed is not eligible for application. Beneficiary must be employees.


Que.2: I am a part-time worker, can my boss apply SPED subsidy for me?

Ans. 2: No matter employees are either part-time or full-time, employers can apply subsidies under SPED for their employees to enhance their work efficiency. SPED administrator will assess over-all perspectives of every application and prepare report for consideration by the Assessment Committee.


Que. 3: I am one of the referring organizations. Can I apply SPED?

Ans. 3: Referring organization can apply SPED for their employees instead of their service user.



Que. 4: How can I apply SPED?

Ans. 4: Applications from employers should be made on the specified application form to Social Welfare Department through the referring organisations, together with quotations from at least two suppliers for each item.


Que. 5: I have no referring organization, how can I apply SPED?

Ans.5: Applicants without any connection with the potential referring organisations may contact Po Leung Kuk SPED office for assistance and necessary arrangement.


Que. 6: Can I provide quotations from foreign countries’ supplier?

Ans. 6: All quotations and receipts only valid in Hong Kong currency. Please convert into Hong Kong currency once provide quotations from foreign countries’ supplier.


Que. 7: What should I do if I want to withdraw from this programme?

Ans. 7: Applicants can withdraw from this programme at any time simply by notifying Po Leung Kuk SPED Office and SWD in writing (by email or by post).



Que. 8: What items can I apply for my employees?

Ans. 8: A wide range of assistive devices and workplace modifications which caters for the special needs of employees with disabilities at the workplaces may be support. SPED administrator will assess over-all perspectives of every application and prepare reports for consideration by the Assessment Committee. The SPED does not cover devices or equipment which is not specifically related to the discharge of employment duties or which is a personal or therapeutic item used by the employee with disabilities for daily living or therapy, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids and glasses, etc.  Modification works for meeting statutory requirements will not be covered by the SPED.


Que. 9: What will happen if my application amount over $40,000?

Ans. 9: The approved amount, capped at a maximum support level of $40,000 for each employee with disabilities, may be less than what an applicant employer has requested. If the amount spent on the assistive device(s) and/or modification works exceeds the approved amount, applicants have to bear the difference at their own costs.


Que. 10: I have 2 employees with disabilities, they can both benefit from an assistive device/workplace modification cost 60,000. What can I do?

Ans. 10: The approved amount is capped at a maximum support level of $40,000 for each employee with disabilities. If the assistive device(s) and/or modification works can benefit more than one employee with disabilities, applicant employers can apply it for all employees with disabilities concerned. The amount of subsidy will be increased accordingly. Applicant employers should submit application form for each employee with disabilities concerned, explain the reasons for such arrangement clearly and how the employee with disabilities can benefit from such arrangement.



Que. 11: What should I do after I had submitted the application form? 

Ans. 11: The assessor from Po Leung Kuk will make appointment with the applicants to conduct assessment report by means of site visit and/or interview(s) with the applicant and the employee with disabilities. For the smooth completion of the assessment, the applicants must make relevant arrangements. 


Que. 12: How do I get the application result?

Ans. 12: Applicants and referring organisations will be informed of the application results in writing from the SWD. After submitting the signed letter of “Confirmation of Acceptance of the Approved Grant”, the procurement of the assistive devices or workplace modifications can be conducted according to the application results.


Que. 13: Can I appeal or re-apply SPED if my application failed?

Ans. 13: Notification letter will state the reason(s) for unsuccessful application. The decision of the Committee on each application shall be final. Applicant employers can apply SPED again after revising their applications. There is no limit on the number of applications submitted.



Que. 14: What should I do if my application was approved?

Ans. 14: After being notified about the approval of the applications, applicants shall procure the assistive devices and/or carry out the modification works according to the approval letter within two months. They should send the required documents, including original receipt(s), to SWD within one month after the procurement of assistive devices and/or workplace modifications. Payments would be arranged by reimbursement to the applicants upon their production of valid receipt(s) in Hong Kong currency.


Que. 15: What should I do after the reimbursement is received?

Ans. 15: Following the procurement of assistive devices and/or workplace modifications, the assessors from Po Leung Kuk shall monitor the use of subsidy through inspection visit(s) at the workplace to assess the effectiveness of the devices procured and/or works carried out.


Que. 16: What should I do if the employee with disabilities resigned?

Ans. 16: Upon termination of the employment contract with the employee concerned, employers are required to inform SWD and Po Leung Kuk SPED Office of their proposal as to how to make use of the assistive devices and/or the modified setting of the workplace to benefit other employees with disabilities. If the devices are tailor-made for the employee with disabilities and are unlikely to benefit other employees with disabilities, employers shall seek SWD’s agreement to the transfer of the device to the employee with disabilities concerned at no cost. Application for such transfer should be made to SWD with full justifications at least one month before the proposed date of transfer.

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