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Y. C. Cheng Centre

Other Services

  •  "Day Respite Care Service" provides day care and training for the disabled aged six or above.
  • "Residential Respite Service" provides short-term residential services for four eligible people.
  • "Y. C. Cheng" Volunteer Scheme - Advocates the spirit of integration between the physically handicapped and the able-bodied, and trains volunteers to help hold activities.

Volunteer Activities

“Multi-sensory Room”

 The “Multi-sensory  Room” built in the Centre can provide all kinds of sensory stimulations such as visual, auditory, tactual and olfactory stimulations. To create a comfortable and tranquil environment and provide users with a pleasant and safe sensory experience, the room is equipped with indoor spotlights and luminous lights which can emit coloured lights on a background of perfume and soft music. Moreover, a great variety of indoor sensory facilities including various musical instruments, bubble blowing gadgets, dynamic coloured lights, bubble makers, massage cushion, luminous colour strips and colour optical fibres are designed to facilitate different levels of sensory stimulations and therapy.


Sense Garden

Community-based Integration Activities

Community-based Gallery

Sports Competition Day

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Special Event