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Y. C. Cheng Centre

Date of operation

October 1991


  • To provide residential and personal care and daily living skills training for people with moderate to severe mental handicap to become more independent in daily living.
  • To counsel families to accept and properly educate their mentally handicapped family members.
  • To refer people with mental handicap to appropriate services as necessary.

Eligibility for the Service

People with moderate to severe mental handicap aged 15 or above eligible for Day Activity Centre & Hostel service.  

 Service targets, Service capacity and Eligibility criteria

Day Activity Centre

Hostel for people with moderate to severe mental handicap

Service targets

People with moderate to severe mental handicap aged 15 or above

Service capacity

Day Activity Centre & Hostel: 212

Day Activity Centre: 10

Eligibility criteria

  • Without infectious diseases, and serious aggressive or self-injurious behaviours.
  • Failing to meet requirements for vocational training institutions or the Sheltered Workshop, but being able to accept and observe instructions and having learning potentials.
  • Not bedridden or requiring infirmary care.

Service Charge

  • Boarding and meal charges are paid according to the rate set by Social Welfare Department.

  • Other expenses including purchase of daily necessities, air-conditioning and extra activities are collected according to the policy of our Kuk.

Application Procedures

  • We only accept applicants referred by Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services operated by Social Welfare Department.
  • Applicants are interviewed, assessed and admitted by social workers of the Centre.

Our Location and Facilities

  • Y. C. Cheng Centre is a purpose-built rehabilitation centre located in Tai Wai, Shatin with a total area of about 7,500 m. It is equipped with two female hostels, two male hostels, eight training rooms, a physical exercise room, a multi-sensory  room, six group activity rooms, a multi-functional hall, four nurses’ stations, a kitchen, a laundry room and other supporting facilities.

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