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Y. C. Cheng Centre

Residential Services

The Centre provides home-like residential services for people with moderate to severe mental handicap who lack basic self-care skills and require care and attention in daily living.


The Hostel aims to provide residential care and relevant facilities; improve service users' quality of life through provision of a caring and encouraging environment to help them actualize their potentials; and keep them healthy and help them with individual-specific needs in daily living.

Daily Services

    • Provide accommodation and meals;
    • Provide nursing services including medical care and medicine needs;
    • Provide individual-specific basic self-care assistance;
    • Provide opportunities and  activities to cultivate service users’ daily and social living and communication skills;
    • Regular activities to meet service users’ social and recreational needs and to keep them in touch with their communities and carers; and provide physiotherapy to maintain or improve service users’ functioning.

Extended Care Programme

The Centre provides 70 service users aged 50 or above of Day Activity Centre & Hostel service with programe of  leisure and satisfy their social, recreational, physcial and nursing needs and to development their interests.

Body Check

Leisure Activities

Special Event