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Y. C. Cheng Centre

Day Activity Centre

            The Day Activity Centre provides daily care and training in daily living skills and simple work skills for people with mental handicap who fail to benefit from vocational training or fail to participate in Sheltered Workshop-based activity.


      • To train service users to learn basic self-care, social and simple work skills; to satisfy their physiological, social and emotional needs through daily training and meaningful activities; to enable them to be more independent in daily and social lives.
      • To help service users to transit to other forms of service or care, including gradually participating in occupational rehabilitation services if possible, or receiving intensified care when necessary.

      Service Description

        • Provide initial and regular assessment for each service user to identify their degree of disability;
        •  Design user-specific plans and training courses;
        • Provide individual or group training courses on movability, self-care skills, communication skills, living skills in their homes and the community, simple work skills, social and interpersonal skills, and leisure and recreational activities;
        • Implement  social and recreational activities including participation in community-sponsored programs and activities;
        • Provide care services including:  

                              o    Personal living care
      o    Lunch

                             o    Accompany service users to and from the Centre as needed and if available.

        • Provide allied health service through our Kuk, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and clinical psychological services.

      Provide service users with recreational activities and living skills training in self-care, communication, housework, social adaption and simple work to improve their self-care skills and develop their interests and potentials in sports and art.

      Personal Affairs

      Self-care skill training

       Fine Motor training

      Leisure Activities


      Daily living training

      Art Development

      Reminiscence Group

      Special Event