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Pokfulam Rehabilitation Centre
Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Recruitment
We are now sincerely inviting persons in all communities to join us as volunteers. Volunteers can assist in our group trainings and interest activities according to their specialties, interests and time. For instance, volunteers can provide assistance for different groups like delicacy group, muscle fitness group and gardening group in the afternoon.

Volunteer Group Recruitment
We welcome various enterprises, institutions and groups to come and assist us in carrying out activities, in order to express their care and support.
Any person interested should complete relevant forms and send them back to us so that we can make relevant arrangements.

For any enquiry, please call the social workers at 2551 3302. 

Volunteer Registration
1. Please click here to download Volunteer Application Form and Notes for Volunteers. After completing them, please email them to [email protected] or fax them to(852) 2551 3329.

2. Or fill in the following forms. Responsible staff of the Centre will contact you as soon as possible in case of any vacancy.
Email Address
Validation Code
Special Event