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Pokfulam Rehabilitation Centre

About Us

PLK Pokfulam Rehabilitation Centre commenced operation in August 2009. It is a Day Activity Centre cum Hostel which provides training and residential services for 48 persons with mentally handicapped aged 15 or above. Core services include family-like residential services, self-care and daily living skills training, health care and other supportive services. It also provides a great variety of recreational activities to enhance service users' social skills attained for a quality life and enabling their better integration into the community.

Service Mission

With our aims of caring, respecting, empowering, and providing quality services, we deliver a comprehensive range of social services to those in need. The Centre is committed to providing the disabled with comfortable, safe and clean residential services and personal development opportunities, and has excellent teams to provide a broad range of quality rehabilitation services with the faith of respect and equality.

Service Tenet

  • People-oriented holistic caring
    Work out service users specific personal training and caring programmes to help them get all-around caring and development, so as to achieve the goal of “holistic caring”.
  • Encourage participation to promote development
    The Centre is committed to giving service users sufficient spaces to develop and thereby get the sense of satisfaction. The Centre also encourages active participation of service users’ family members to jointly build a loving and wonderful life for service users.
  • Barrier-free harmonious community
    The Centre hopes that service users can also actively fit into the community while getting community care services, so as to build a barrier-free integrated community for the able-bodied and physically handicapped.

Eligibility for the Service

  • Provide residential and daily training services for severely mentally handicapped persons aged 15 or above.
  • Provide day respite care service/residential respite service for the disabled aged 6 or above.
  • Not bedridden or requiring infirmary care.
  • Adaptable to group living and having no serious aggressive behaviour

Service Capacity

Residential Service 46 places
Day Activity Centre 48 places
Residential Respite Service 4 places
Day Respite Care Service 2 places
Extended Care Service 2 places

Service Charge

According to boarding and meal charge rates set by Social Welfare Department. Charge rates for other fees, such as activity fee, are set according to the policy of our Kuk.

Application Methods

  • The applicant may make an application to the Social Welfare Department, integrated family service centres in various communities, medical social service units, special schools and rehabilitation agencies. All applications (except for respite service) should be referred by Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department.
  • In respect of application for respite service, the applicant and family members thereof can directly contact social workers for any enquiry and formalities.

Termination of Service

Either our Kuk or the service users can propose termination of unsuitable cases or self-withdrawal from the centre. Advance notification to the other party should be made on such changes and all relevant formalities should be completed before the change.


For any enquiry or opinion about the service, please contact the Officer-in-charge at 2551 3302 or Assistant Principal Social Services Secretary (Rehabilitation Services) at 2277 8888.
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