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Pokfulam Rehabilitation Centre

Residential Services

Provide a comfortable, tidy and safe living environment for service users. It also provides user-specific individual training to enhance their daily living skills and self-care capability and share the caring responsibility of their carers.

Service Description

  • Provide residential service and care, counselling and individual training of daily living.
  • Hold various social, educational and interest groups.
  • Arrange various festival celebrations, birthday parties, and cultural and recreational activities.
  • Provide trainings on living skills related to self-care, communication, home life, social adaption, simple work, etc.

Eligibility for the Service

  • Severely mentally handicapped persons aged 15 or above.
  • Not bedridden or requiring infirmary care.
  • Adaptable to group living and having no serious aggressive behaviour.

Service Hours

24 hours
Special Event