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Lau Chan Siu Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Volunteer Scheme


Aims to promote Integration among people with disability and able persons, we believe that the disabled have their need and equal opportunity to develop social interpersonal relationship and enjoy their recreational life in the community. Through different kind of programs, encourage better understanding and enable level of acceptance between participants. Furthermore, by increasing social contact, the interpersonal skills, daily living skills will be improved with positive impact.

Volunteer recruitment

Target recruits:

  • Persons aged 15 or above;
  • Volunteer groups interested in providing volunteer service for Po Leung Kuk.

Methods for recruitment: Interest parties may directly contact our centre social worker through email or telephone.

Category of volunteers

Individual volunteer: People aged 15 or above can directly apply to relevant units; or seek referral of other institutions or individuals.

Outside volunteer groups: They participate in various activities with the service users in the name of groups like social service agencies, churches and schools.

Category of volunteer services

Individual service: It refers to user-specific service, such as visitation, individual skill trainings and outgoing escort.

Centre-based activities: These activities include indoor and outdoor activities, which are planned by or carried out with the help of volunteers in groups based on different themes, so that service users can learn in the groups. They may be handcraft making, cooking, birthday parties, outdoor activities, etc.

Volunteer assessment and award

Volunteer assessment: The Centre conducts performance assessment on all the volunteers once every two years and awards certificates of appreciation/souvenirs according to the seniority of volunteers. The volunteers who have an outstanding performance or have made special contributions to the Centre will be elected as “outstanding volunteers”.

Volunteer award: The working group of Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony prepares "Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony" biennially, so as to issue certificates and souvenirs to qualified and outstanding volunteers. If the Rehabilitation Services do not hold the Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony in the related year, the Centre should make arrangements for award presentation to volunteers on its own.

Volunteer trainings

To improve the volunteers’ service quality, the unit will provide volunteers with training courses or workshops at different levels according to their interests and needs, so as to promote them as leaders and quality volunteers.

Special Event