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Lau Chan Siu Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

Respite/Extension Service


Alleviate the pressure of the family taking care of people with mental handicap


  • Through respite service, we provide carers of people with mental handicap a short-term accommodation, respite care, meals, personal health care, recreational activities etc, so that the carers may attend to their personal business such as undergoing a medical operation or taking a vacation tour.
  • Through extension service, we provide respite care service to the trainees receiving day training beyond the time for day training.

Eligibility for the service:

  • Respite service: People with mental handicap aged 15 and above
  • Extension service: Trainees receiving day training in the Centre


  • Day respite service: 2
  • Residential respite service: 4
  • Extension service: Unlimited

Application procedure:

  • Directly apply to the social workers of the Centre
  • Service charge
  • Enquire of the social workers of the Centre

Special Event