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Po Leung Kuk Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chiu Kong Memorial Centre

Day Care and Residential Respite Services

82 Hin Keng Centre provides day and residential respite service for temporary daytime or residential relief for family members / caregivers of persons with disabilities who are unable to take care of persons due to various commitments and sudden engagements.
The arrangements are as follow:

Type of Service /

Day Respite Service

Residential Respite Service

 Item / Arrangement


Target group

Aged 6 or above with mental handicap.

a. Aged 6 or above

b. Aged 15 or above

Both female with mental handicap.



Max. 2 persons/day

Max. 1 person each/day

(1a. designated capacity,

1b. accidental capacity)


Service Period

Not more than 14 consecutive days. (Extension service will be given to those have sudden engagements and upon existing vacancy)


Service Hours

Monday to Sunday and public holidays

9:00a.m. to 3:30p.m.

(Can apply for service

extension if there are

sudden engagements.)

Monday to Sunday and public holidays

24 Hours


Fees and charges

Calculated on an hourly / daily basis according to boarding and meal charge rates set by Social Welfare Department

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner : $17/meal



Payment Method

a.  Applicants should pay before receive the service from Monday to Friday 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. (except public holidays) at our reception or bank-in-slip.

b.  For emergency applications, please pay or bank in as soon as possible.

c.  Please check the receipt after payment.



Procedure /

Advance Booking

a.  Monday to Friday 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. (except public holidays), please call at 2605 6801 for responsible workers.

b.  Family members / caregivers can apply directly or via social workers of different service units for first application.  Applicants will receive an interview at our centre and complete a Declaration Form on Health Conditions for Admission.  Further request on medical examination may be necessary.


Application processing

Lottery on every 15th of each month or next working day if enrolment is full for coming month.  First come first served if there is vacancy after the lottery.  Family members / caregivers will be informed within five working days.


Termination of  Service

a.  During service period, applicants can withdraw from the service at any time without refund.

b.  Notice will be posted at our reception if the service cannot provide normally under certain circumstances.  Please contact our responsible workers if necessary.

c.  Refund or reschedule if the service cannot provide under some special circumstances.

d.  Please keep the original receipt for refund or reschedule.

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