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Po Leung Kuk Employment Services Centre (Kwun Tong)

Employment Support Services (EmSS)

The aim of EmSS is to assist able-bodied Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients in overcoming their work barriers and enhancing employability for paid employment with the provision of a range of one-stop integrated employment assistance services on a family basis.

Introduction of the Programme

To assist the able-bodied CSSA applicants aged 15 to 64, and single parents/child carers with their youngest child
aged 12 to 14, in providing:


•      Employment Assistance Services: regular interviews, up-to-date labour market information, job 
        matching, etc.;

•      Tailor-made and Focused Employment Assistance Services: Pre-employment Training, Workplace 

        Attachment, etc.;

•      Information on Child Care Support (for single parents/ child carers on CSSA whose youngest child 
        aged 12 to 14).
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