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Po Leung Kuk District Support Centre (Shatin)

Day care service for person with severe disabilities(DC/SD)

Provide day-care services for severely mentally handicapped/severely physically handicapped persons five days a week in order to alleviate the caregivers’ pressure.

Eligibility for the Service


  • persons with severe mentally handicapped /severe physically handicapped;
  • aged between 15 to 59;
  • disability level should be equivalent to those eligible for Care and Attention Home for Severely Disabled Persons or Hostel for Severely Physically Handicapped Persons;
  • not bed-ridden or requiring infirmary care;
  • without severe aggressive behaviour endangering self and/or others;
  • without infectious disease;
  • in need of day care service; and priority to be given to those without waitlisting for residential care services.

Service Capacity

Five places per day

Application Methods

Referred by social workers


Transportation fee: $10 per trip
DC/SD (lunch included): $60 per day / $988 per month
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