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Li Shiu Chung Memorial Rehabilitation Centre

Scope of Service:

To formulate personal care, nursing and treatment plan according to the individual needs of our service users which include:

A. Daily Care

To provide personal care and home living services by trained workers.

B. Social and Recreational Activities

To design appropriate social, recreational activities, and daily living schedule.

C. Medical and Nursing Care

To provide appropriate nursing care, arrange regular body check and special medical services for the needs of service users.

D. Occupational Therapy Service

Occupational therapist will provide therapeutic training through rehabilitation equipment and modification to improve self-care ability of service users.

E. Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapist will provide assessment and training: formulation of therapeutic exercise plan and installation of rehabilitation equipment.

F. Clinical Psychological Service

Clinical Psychologist will provide service to improve the cognitive behaviour or emotional ability of service users, and formulate consultation service for their carers.

G. Other Services

  • Individual Counseling;
  • Programme for the integration of disabled and abled;
  • Family Support Services and other therapeutic services.
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