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88 Kwun Tong Workshop

Service Mission

  •  to provide tailor-made activities to service users to meet their special needs, including nursing/health care need.
  • is a welfare-oriented service without an employer-employee relationship between the Service Operator and the service users.

Service Content

  • Daily work activities for sustaining the residual work abilities of the service users;
  • Social and recreational programmes including outdoor visits and activities for enriching the social life of the service users;
  • Developmental programmes for facilitating the service users to develop wholesome habits such as pottery, painting, art and craft;
  • Caring activities for meeting the health and physical needs of the service users,; and

Target Group

The target group is existing service users of  88 Kwun Tong Sheltered Workshop, who are in the process of ageing and/or deterioration in work abilities and can no longer benefit from intensive vocational training.

Eligibility for the Service

  • Either 60 years old or above with no vocational assessment required
  • 40 to 59 years who are assessed to be eligible for WEP service with the checklist provided by SWD; and
  • in need of day care services other than vocational training due to ageing or deterioration in work ability.



Service Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 9:00 – 13:00

Application Procedure

All referrals can be made by social workers to the workshop.

Withdrawal from the Service

The programme may terminate service if the service users are ineligible for application; the service users may also propose self-withdrawal from the service provided that they notify the organization in advance and complete relevant formalities.

Enquiries and Complaints

For any inquiry or complaint about the service, please call the Operation Manager at 2772 3046 or Assistant Principal Social Services Secretary (Rehabilitation) at   2277 8888. All complaints are kept confidential.

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