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Agency-based Occupational Therapist Service
Agency-based Occupational Therapist Service


Date of commencement

April 1996


To provide therapy, advice and assistance to help the service users to overcome problems in their daily life and develop their work potential / abilities to the fullest extent as their disabilities permitted. The ultimate goal is to help the service users to achieve a maximum level of functioning in their daily life at home and in the community.

Eligibility for the Service

Service users who are receiving rehabilitation services of our Kuk


15 or above

Service Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Scope of service

  • Clinical assessments on service users’ functioning in target training areasl   
  • Clinical consultations and treatments
  • Fabrication, prescription and training on use of rehabilitation equipment / devices
  • Recommendations on environmental design and alteration
  • Education and training for parents / care-givers / staff



Basically free of charge. Expenses for manufacturing and repairing treatment equipment or devices will be paid by the carers or service users.

Application Procedure

Referrals can be made by respective social workers. 

Termination of Service

The service may be terminated if:

  • the identified treatment objectives of service users is achieved, or
  • the service users no longer meets the service criteria, or
  • the service users/the carers decline the service,

Either our Kuk or the service users/the carers may terminate the service with advance notice.

Enquiry and Complaint

For any enquiry or complaint about the Agency-based occupational therapy service, service users and carers may contact the Service Manager at 3980-9688. All complaints will be kept confidential.

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