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Agency-based Occupational Therapist Service

Agency-based Occupational Therapy Service


Agency-based Occupational Therapy Service started in April 1996. It aims to provide occupational therapy service to persons with disabilities who are receiving rehabilitation services of our Kuk, including vocational rehabilitation services and hostel for moderately and severely mentally handicapped persons.



Agency-based Occupational Therapy Service aims to provide clinical assessment and direct treatment to persons with disabilities including those with autistic features, physical handicap, mental handicap and ex-mental illness. It also offers consultation, training and educational programmes to help needy service users and/or care-givers and rehabilitation centre staff. The service aims to enhance the independence of persons with disabilities in activities of daily living, work and leisure, to pave the way for their community reintegration. 


Eligibility for the Service 

Service users who are receiving rehabilitation services of our Kuk.


Service Unit

Hostel for Moderately and Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons

  • Y.C Cheng Centre
  • 82 Hin Keng Centre
  • King Lam Hostel
  • Pokfulam Rehabilitation Centre
  • Yuen Fung Po Tim Memorial Hostel

 Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Tin Chak Vocational Services Centre
  • 88 Kwun Tong Workshop
  • Yue Yiu Sun Memorial Workshop
  • Shek Kip Mei Vocational Services Centre
  • Wing Lung Bank Golden Jubilee Sheltered Workshop and Hostel



15 or above


Service Hours

Occupational therapist will visit service units accordingly from

Monday to Friday     9:00am to 5:00pm


Scope of Service

  • Providing clinical assessments on service users' functioning in targeted areas
  • Providing clinical consultations and treatments
  • Design, fabrication and training on the use of assistive devices
  • Recommendations on home and work environment design and modification
  • Education and training for staff and service recipients



Free of charge. Expenses for manufacturing and repairing rehabilitation equipment or devices will be paid by the services recipients.


Application Procedure

  • Referrals can be made by respective social worker and confirmed by occupational therapist after assessment.
  • The service users and their carers agree to accept the service.


Termination of Service

The service may be terminated if:

  • the identified treatment objective of service users is achieved, or
  • the service users no longer meets the service criteria, or
  • the service users/ the carers decline the services,

The service users/the carers may terminate the service with advance notice.


Enquiry and Complaint

For any enquiry or complaint about the Agency-based Occupational Therapy Service, service users and carers may contact the Service Manager at 3980-9688

All complaints will be kept confidential.

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