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Agency-based Occupational Therapist Service

Agency-based Occupational Therapist Service


Date of commencement

April 1996


To help the service users improve physical and mental functions, to enhance their  learning and working abilities, self-care and social skills, so as to improve their independent living skills, maximize their potentials and reintegrate into the community.

Eligibility for the Service

Service users who are receiving rehabilitation services of our Kuk


15 or above

Service Hours

Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm
(As per the service needs and operational adjustments, see the notice or inquiries to social workers)

Scope of service

l Treatment assessment, designing and providing groups and indivdual treatment;

l Design, manufacture and repair treatment equipment for service users in order to improve their learning and living abilities;

l Provide consultations to service users and carers

l Provide advice on daily living, learning, social skills, training and assistive devices to service users and carers

l Provide educational talks and trainings to staff and carers



Basically free of charge. Expenses for manufacturing and repairing treatment equipment or devices will be paid by the carers or service users.

Application Procedure

l Referrals can be made by respective social workers and confirmed by occupational therapists after assessment

l The service users and their carers agree to accept the service.

Termination of Service

The service may be terminated if:

l the identified treatment objectives of service users are achieved, or

l the service users do not really need the service as indicated by the assessment, or

l the service users/the carers decline the service,

Either our Kuk or the service users/the carers may terminate the service with notice in advance.

Enquiry and Complaint

For any enquiry or complaint about the occupational therapy service, service users/the carers may contact Nursing Officer/Officer-In-Charge of Y. C. Cheng Centre at 2699-3355 or Assistant Principal Social Services Secretary (rehabilitation services) at 2277-8888. All complaints will be kept confidential.

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