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Po Leung Kuk Employment Services Centre (Lam Tin)

The Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-reliance (IEAPS)

The aim of IEAPS is to assist able-bodied Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients in overcoming their work barriers and enhancing employability for paid employment with the provision of a range of one-stop integrated employment assistance services on a family basis.。

Introduction of the Programme

  • Ordinary Employment Assistance Services
    are employment assistance services, including regular interviews, provided for the unemployed service users.
  • Strengthened Employment Assistance Services (including training and work exposure services)
    are trainings and work exposure services provided for Ordinary Employment Assistance Service users.
  • New Dawn Project Services
    are employment assistance services and supportive services, such as information on childcare, provided for single parents and child carers on CSSA with their youngest child aged 12 to 14.
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