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Service Mission

  • to provide residential care and facilities;

  • to promote the quality of life of the residents and to maximize their potentials through the provision of a caring and stimulating environment;
  • to maintain their health and capability and to provide care support to enable them to live as independently as possible in the community.

Service Description

  • provision of accommodation and meals;
  • provision of daily health care service to maintain or improve residents’ general health conditions;
  • provision of maintenance programmes of self-care skills;
  • provision of opportunities and activities to develop daily living, social and communication skills;
  • provision of occupational therapy / phsiotherapy services to maintain or improve the functioning og the residents:
  • provision of opportunities and activities to meet social and recreational needs;
  • provision of opportunities and activities to enable residents to maintain contact with the community and families.
  • Provision of para-medical services
  • Provision of VMP service
  • Provision of respite care service 

Eligibility for the Service

Females with moderate grade mental handicap aged 15 or above.



Service Hours

24 hours care per day

Application Procedure

Referrals are via the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services (CRSRehab) operated by SWD.

Withdrawal from the Service

Either the service users or hostel must inform the other party in advance and complete relevant procedures.

Enquiries and Complaints

For any enquiry or opinion about the service, please call the Operation Manager at 2706 2998 or Assistant Principal Social Services Secretary (Rehabilitation) at 2277 8888.

Special Event