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Agency-based Speech Therapy Service

Agency-based Speech Therapy Service




Date of commencement

July 2019


To provide assessment, direct treatment, consultation, training and educational programmes to help needy service users and /or their family members/ carers with speech, feeding and swallowing difficulties to overcome obstacles in their daily living and to maintain their residual communication and speech ability so that their daily function could be sustained.


Targeted service users

Service users who are receiving residential care under rehabilitation services of our Kuk.



15 or above.


Service Hours

Speech Therapists will visit service units accordingly from

Monday to Friday     9:00am to 5:00pm


Scope of service

 *  Provide feeding and swallowing assessment and treatment, formulate swallowing 


 *  Provide communication assessment and treatment (e.g. AAC, articulation training, 

    fluency training)

 *  Provide case and service units consultation, staff training, caregiver and public 




Free of charge.


Eligibility and Application Procedure

 *  Referrals can be made by respective social workers, Nurses or Occupational 

    therapists and confirmed by Speech therapists after assessment

 *  The service users and their carers agree to accept the service


Termination of Service

The service may be terminated if:

 *  The identified treatment objective of service user is achieved, or

 *  The service user no longer meets the service criteria, or

 *  The service users/the carers decline the service,

Either our Kuk or the service users/the carers may terminate the service with advance notice.


Enquiry and Complaint

For any enquiry or complaint about the Agency-based speech therapy service, 

service users and carers may contact the Service Manager at 3980-9688

All complaints will be kept confidential.

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