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Integrated Support Service for Persons with Severe Physical Disabilities (NT)

Cash Subsidy

Programme Content

Provision of assistance programmes for Respiratory Support Medical Equipment dependents:

A. Special Subsidy for Renting Respiratory Support Medical Equipment

B. Special Subsidy for Purchasing Medical Consumables

*Subsidy level for the two programmes is both capped at $2,500 per month, relevant financial assessment on applicants’ income and assets are required.

Eligibility Criteria

A. Respiratory Support Medical Equipment (RSME) dependents; and

B. Renting relevant RSME and/ or using relevant medical consumables; and

C. The monthly household income shall not exceed the income limit which is equivalent to 150% of the Median Monthly Domestic Household Income (MMDHI) of corresponding household size published in the most updated “Quarterly Report on General Household Survey” by the Census & statistics Department at the time of application; and

D. The family’s asset shall not exceed the asset limit for public rental housing applications under the Housing Authority. The asset limit prescribed for public housing applications under the Housing Authority at the time of application shall prevail; and

E. Without receiving any relevant subsidy for the RSME/ medical consumables form other funding sources


Integrated Home-based Support Service

Programme Content

A. Case Management Service

B. Pre-discharge Support Services

C. Post-discharge Home-based Professional Support Services:

a. Nursing care

b. Rehabilitation training

c. Personal care service

d. Escort service

e. Carer support service

f. Home respite service

g. Social work service

h. Transportation service

i. Out-of-office hour emergency support

j. Meal service

Eligibility for the Service

A. Persons with severe physical disabilities requiring RSME and constant attendance, and living in the community (irrespective of whether they are entitled to the cash subsidy specified above); or

B.  Tetraplegia patients living in the community; or

C. Persons with severe physical disabilities who are assessed by the Physiotherapist / Occupational Therapist to have rehabilitation / care needs comparable to tetraplegic patients; or

D.  Persons with physical disabilities who are assessed to be eligible for the service in accordance with the Assessment Tool for Home Care Service for Persons with Severe Disabilities; or

E. For service users of (A), (B) ,(C) and (D) above taking accommodation in residential institutions subsidised by the Government or any public hospitals and institutions under the Hospital Authority, or boarding in special schools, services will only be provided during the period when they stay at home during home leave.

Fee and charges

Category of services

Fee charging

(I) Basic package of services

(monthly ceiling charges)

Services under the Basic Package:

Personal care

$33 per hour

Escort service

$33 per hour

Home respite service

$33 per hour

Rehabilitation training

$33 per hour

Nursing care (provided by health worker)

$33 per visit*

Home visit by Occupational Therapist/ Physiotherapist/ Speech Therapist

$52 per visit*

Home visit by Nurse

$43 per visit*

* Each visit lasts at least 45 minutes

(II) Other Service

Transportation service

$10 per trip



Special Event