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Home Care Service for Persons with Severe Disabilities (NT)

Programme content

The Home Care Service provides a package of home-based support services, including :

(i) Nursing care

(ii) Rehabilitation training

(iii) Personal care service

(iv) Escort service

(v) Carer support service

(vi) Home respite service

(vii) Social work service

(viii) Meal support service (To be coordinated by case managers based on service users’ need. Meal fee is paid by service users.)


Fee and charges 

Category of services

Fee charging

Full package of services

(monthly ceiling charges)

Individual service
 Personal care service
 Escort service
 Home respite service
 Rehabilitation training
 Nursing care (provided by health worker)
 Home visit by Occupational Therapist / Physiotherapist
 Home visit by Nurse

$33 per hour
$33 per hour
$33 per hour
$33 per hour
$33 per visit *
$52 per visit *
$43 per visit *

* Each visit lasts 45 minutes


Service termination criteria

  • Upon request of service user;
  • Upon admission to government subsidized hostel;
  • Service users become hospitalized beyond three months without discharge planning.
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