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Po Leung Kuk Tin Shui Wai Rehabilitation Centre

Centre Introduction

Tin Shui Wai Rehabilitation Centre commenced the service on 28 March, 2014. Service capacity is 80. Centre provides service for ex-mentally ill persons including hostel, self-care and living skill training, health care and para-medical services. For pursuing quality of service and better integration into our society, centre also provides different recreation and leisure activities.


Service Objectives


PLK rehabilitation services set up in 1970 era, providing multi services for disabled persons and their families. The service objectives are:

To encourage people in recovery of chronic, mental illness to develop their areas of strength

Maintain mental stability, develop living skill for integrated into our society.

Service Target

Ex-mentally ill persons


Service Capacity

80 places (45 male and 35 female)

Service Hours

24 hours service


Application Procedures

All applications should be referred by Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department.
Applicants will be formally admitted after they are found to be able to fit in the hostel.

Service Charges

According to boarding and meal charge rates set by Social Welfare Department. Charge rates for other fees, such as activity fee, are set according to the policy of our Kuk.

Service Discharge

Either our Kuk or the service users can propose termination of unsuitable cases or self-withdrawal from the centre. Advance notification to the other party should be made on such changes and all relevant formalities should be completed before the change .

Enquiries and Complaint

For any enquiry or complaint, please contact the Manager at 2602 0600 or Assistant Principal Social Services Secretary (Rehabilitation Services) at 2277 8888.


Special Event