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Tin Chak Vocational Services Centre

Po Leung Kuk Tin Chak Vocational Services Centre

Eligibility for the Service

People with mild and moderate mental handicap and ex-mentally ill people aged 15 or above.

Service Capacity


Conditions for the Service

  • People with mild or moderate mental handicap upon assessment by clinical(?) psychologists (Clinical Psychologists or Educational Psychologists).
  • Ex-mentally ill people.
  • With basic self-care skills(ability).
  • Without active infectious diseases or severe handicap.
  • In stable mental and emotional state and without severe(?) violence behaviour .
  • Willing to accept assigned tasks under supervision after passing the competence test.
  • People living in Tin Chak Hostel are preferred, and others should arrange the transport on their own.

Service Charge

Fee charge, such as meal charge, activity fee and air conditioning fee, are set according to the policy of Po Leung Kuk.  

Service Hours

From Monday to Friday: 9:00-17:00
Saturday: 9:00-13:00
* The above hours may be varied based on the nature and requirements of the services.
Special Event